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soundfresh mouthpieces

Individual soundfresh treated trumpet & flugelhorn mouthpieces


soundfresh Mouthpiece Concept

I offer you a mouthpiece concept for various occasions, genres and tastes

Choose from different basic tops, middle parts & stems and find your mouthpiece. With this modular mouthpiece concept, you are flexibly positioned for a wide range of uses. The concept allows you to easily adapt your mouthpiece to your instrument, the occasion or your desired playing feel.

Individual Cup

Middle Section






Example variations

Diverse soundfresh Mundstückkombinationen

Lorenzo Ludemann Signature Series

In close cooperation with Lorenzo Ludemann, the special optimized LL-Signature series for trumpet & flugelhorn was created.

The LL trumpet mouthpiece in the Light version, with a special aluminum middle section, a modified Lead 2 cup and a specially designed backbore, is perfectly matched in length and insertion depth to the LL-Böhme trumpet for optimum reflection of the leadpipe edge. Of course, the mouthpiece can also be used very effectively on other trumpets.

In addition to the LL mouthpiece, the LL-c mouthpiece with a slightly deeper cup opens up an even wider range of applications. If you already own the LL mouthpiece, it is also possible to order just the LL-c headjoint.

Lorenzo says: “The mouthpiece is interesting for anyone with musical requirements similar to mine. But the LL-c mouthpiece is also a real cross-over alternative for players with a classical background. Every trumpeter who currently plays a soundfresh Lead 2 should definitely try out the new LL mouthpiece, because it could be a real asset.”


Rüdiger Baldauf Soundfreak

The plug and play mouthpiece for a raspy jazz sound!

The sound of some jazz trumpeters of the fifties and sixties is unmistakable and unforgettable. Trumpeters like Chet Baker, whose trademark was a soft trumpet tone overlaid with a hiss of air, shaped the sound ideal for many trumpeters. A mouthpiece that enables this unmistakable noisy trumpet sound as a kind of “plug and play” was the declared goal for the development of the Soundfreaks.

A lot of know-how has gone into the Soundfreak FL1 for flugelhorn and Soundfreak TP1 for trumpet:

The production of the inlays, the matching of the inlay bore to the main bore of the mouthpiece, as well as the optimal positioning with the correct installation height, still require a lot of manual work.

Due to the special moulding tools and soldering fixtures, the mouthpieces can now be reproduced very well and produced in small exclusive editions.

Baldauf uses the modified mouthpieces again and again on a regular basis
both live and on his CD recordings. An example of this
example would be the song “Nature Boy” on his DVD/CD “Rüdiger Baldauf Trumpet Night”. Especially when used in combination with the Harmon mute and microphone, this smoky, airy sound comes across well. Of course, the “natural sound” is also very interesting!

The trumpet mouthpiece can be blown easily and loosely and produces just such a sound. The air noise is well controllable and easy to vary and works effortlessly up to the middle of the second octave. With increasing height, but also at higher volume, the proportion of air noise in the sound decreases. So the more forced you play, the less the noise effect develops.

With the flugelhorn, this is somewhat less noticeable, since the lower cup generates an even more pronounced noise. In addition, of course, you play less powerfully on the flugelhorn. The outer top shape has a conical silhouette. This very slim shape makes the mouthpiece approx. 20 -25% lighter than a conventional mouthpiece and thus has considerably less mass, which benefits the sound effect.
Which benefits the sound effect. In addition, all Soundfreak mouthpieces are cryogenically (cryo) treated in a special multi-stage process in two successive independent processes. This ensures that the mouthpieces all perform very evenly in response and sound.

The Soundfreak is available here or at Rüdiger’s workshops!
In Switzerland, the Soundfreaks are available at Musikpunkt online and at the Hochdorf branch. In Austria you can get the Soundfreak at Brass Werkstatt Salzburg.


Christian Meyers & Rüdiger Baldauf

Comparison Soundfreak

Rüdiger Baldauf Controlfreak

The embouchure and lip position tool.

The Controlfreak is a tool with which the embouchure and lip position can be made visually clear and controlled. A second, even more important function is the control of a centred airflow.

Rüdiger Baldauf explains the CF

The Controlfreak, both for trumpet and flugelhorn, can make it audibly clear to every player whether the air really flows centred into the mouthpiece, i.e. ultimately into the trumpet, or whether it only enters the instrument bundled through the top.

A “hit” is documented sound-technically by a clear noise. If the airflow is not centred, the noise does not occur. The new Controlfreaks are fully silver-plated.

This useful training tool, which should be indispensable for every trumpet player to control and focus the embouchure, is available via the contact form, at Rüdiger’s workshops and at Musik.Gillhaus!

In Switzerland, the Controlfreak is available at Musikpunkt online or at the Hochdorf branch. In Austria, you can get the Controlfreak from Brass Werkstatt Salzburg.


The bohemian Flugelhorn mouthpiece

Holger Mück

In cooperation with Holger Mück, an exclusive series of mouthpieces with German shafts has been created for Bohemian brass music with the rotary valve flugelhorn.

Every wind player has his own idea of sound. Every musical genre has its own sound. While in jazz a flugelhorn has to sound soft, warm, breathy, cloudy, sonorous, broad, horny and room-filling, there are other attributes for the sound idea of a Bohemian polka. For me, a Bohemian flugelhorn should sound more lively, richer in overtones, more direct, more articulate, more defined, more present, but also warm in lyrical passages. ~ Holger Mück

Custom-made products and additional services

You want it to be even more individual? Then I also offer the possibility to further modify your basic combination to suit you and your instrument according to your wishes and ideas. In addition, there are many extensions for your suitable mouthpiece to discover.

Kopie Kessel

Gold-plating of individual mouthpiece parts on request

Integrated Super Buzz function

personal top engraving of your choice

Copy of your existing top adapted to the multi-part soundfresh concept


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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

I have deliberately decided against working with measurement tables because the information on top sizes is often misleading and has no significance for a mouthpiece and its characteristics. Especially not when comparing mouthpieces from different manufacturers. If I know or can measure a mouthpiece contour, I like to make specific recommendations.

All soundfresh mouthpieces can be tested without obligation on site at the Glücksschmiede by appointment.
Alternatively, I will send a selected set with tops, middle parts and stems for one week for testing within Germany for an operating charge of 25,- Euro.

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