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The soundfresh 
cryogenic treatment

For a new playing feeling.
A very good way to optimize the resonance of your instrument & equipment.

Tieftemperaturbehandlung Musikinstrumente in der Truhe

The process

During cryogenic treatment, the instruments are cooled very slowly at 1-2°C/min down to -180°C in a specially coordinated process using vaporised liquid nitrogen. The slow cooling prevents a temperature shock.

After passing through various temperature curves, the instruments are finally heated to 35 °C. The gradual and slow cooling and heating over a longer period of time ensures that the entire material or instrument is treated evenly and gently.

After a total time of approx. 20 hours, the instruments can be removed from the unit and the treatment process is complete.


Choice of instruments

Which instruments are suitable for cryogenic treatment?

This ranges from a flute to high brass instruments (e.g. trumpets, flugelhorns, cornets) and low brass instruments (e.g. trombones & tenor horns) to tubas. But also saxophones, clarinets, percussion elements, accessories and even guitars can be treated successfully…

Particularly repaired instruments – especially after soldering work – can benefit from the soundfresh treatment, as the treatment balances out tensions again. In stringed instrument making, the treatment of basic bodies allows the wood to mature, a process that otherwise takes years and optimises the sound of the instrument. In the case of strings, the permanent elasticity and thus the stability of the pitch as well as the durability are increased. Electric guitars get a special vintage effect from the cryogenic treatment.

soundfresh also makes a difference for drums and percussion. But also other electronic components, cables, tubes and accessories can benefit from the cryogenic treatment.

The procedure

What is the overall procedure for cryogenic treatment?


How long do I need to wait for my instrument?

You would like to get a soundfresh treatment for your instrument, but can’t or don’t want to be without your instrument for that long? For this reason, I make appointments with the musicians and plan them so that the time for you without your instrument is as short as possible.

The treatment itself takes about 20 hours and usually runs overnight. How long you have to do without your instrument depends on whether you send it to me or bring it personally and/or pick it up. You could also bring it in the morning on the day of the treatment and pick it up the next day at noon. In case of delivery you should expect about one week.

The secret

What is the secret of the cryogenic treatment?

Old or new instrument?

Better to treat an ancient or a brand new music instrument?


What risks do I need to expect with the cryogenic treatment?


Do I need to prepare my instrument before the treatment?

Instrument packaging

How do I pack my instrument properly?


How gentle is the process of cryogenic treatment?

Musicians report

better, lighter response

open sound

better locking tones

reaching "problem tones" more easily

a well balanced playing feeling



Brass and woodwind instruments

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